Ways We Gather


Live Gatherings

GrowingVillage :: Prague
September 14, 2019

Join GrowingVillage members Michelle, Bethany and Jason for a casual and free daylong emergent exploration of global village. Email weare@growingvillage.earth if you would like to join us.


Weekly Village Calls

Thursdays from 10-11:30am PST
(5:30-7pm PST each 3rd Thursday of the month)

These experimental calls approach the process of growing village in an emergent way. Rather than following an agenda or templates, we practice accessing group wisdom and allowing a greater intelligence to guide us.

Read about and listen to past calls here.

Virtual Village

A private online forum for villagers to connect, share stories, resources and inspirations.  


Join us

To join the Village calls or Virtual Village, send us a note expressing your interest and just a bit of information about why you are called to this project.