Emergent Community Building

With each call, the group spirals deeper into a field of emergence. Below is a 7-minute audio clip.

The recording begins with an honest confession from someone feeling insecure within this emergent, new paradigm process. Fresh air was breathed into the call, as something was named that lingered below the surface. How do we do something that we don’t know how to do? Emergence can bring up awkwardness, discomfort and fear in the parts of us that are used to accomplishing and producing in linear and known ways.

Agreements and structure often provide a way of relating that avoids the messiness and conflict that emergence can bring up. In an effort to meet whatever arises, we are not using standard agreements in our process. As one woman shared, the main agreement inherent in our group gatherings is a shared vision for global village. While holding that vision at the center, we invite each other to allow for the potency of messiness, to listen deeply to what is alive in the field and within ourselves, and to be playful with the process.

Michelle Stransky