Tension as a Gift

On this Village call, we were given the opportunity to be with tension. This 4-minute audio clip from the call highlights a conversation about why this stage of being together in exploration and practice is so important before entering into a stage of doing.

The greater our desire to live within a new paradigm, the greater our desire will be to leave the old one. We each embody outdated behaviors and thought forms, and these need to come undone in order to embody the new. What if each time the old paradigm comes to light, we recognize it as a gift? This does not mean the process will be comfortable, but perhaps necessary as we help each other to step into the places we long to inhabit.

As I reflect on the call, I find that I am most curious about how to create a field where we expect and welcome tension. I have a hope and theory that if this is the frame we hold, then communications and tensions will naturally soften and become more easeful. If relational conflict is what most commonly breaks down community - as I have heard and experienced - then we are laying a solid foundation for more long-term and sustained potential.

Michelle Stransky