The Discomfort of Racial Dialogue

Themes in the previous recordings explore things like how to hold tension as a gift and how to allow the emergent field to bring forth the truth of what is in the space, even when it is uncomfortable.

These principles were tested on this call when the very real dynamics of racial tension arose within the container. This 5-minute audio clip reflects parts of what was an uncomfortable, messy and clumsy conversation.

Our systems have been set up to divide us. One significant way has been through the color of our skin. If we can better learn to navigate the roots and the symptoms of this painfully deep divide, then we can better subvert the division that was set up to benefit few, while harming most - and, I believe it can teach us how to navigate and develop resilience around other divides, sometimes the more subtle ones, that get in the way of becoming unified around new possibilities.

As Kristy spoke on the call: "We have a choice with what to do with that discomfort. We can either wallow in it...feel bad. Or, we can learn from it. We can see it as part of the journey. How do we learn from this and make this experience sacred?"

Michelle Stransky