Growing a Trust-Based Economy

This 10-minute audio clip shares musings about the subject of money as it relates to our personal lives, businesses, and overall societal structures. Working differently with money is a core intention for GrowingVillage, and we explored the impact of starting this initiative in a gift economy.

Arriving at this topic felt in some way like we hit a bull's eye - in not just talking about our individual beliefs and practices or about concepts around money and our economy, but beginning to open up around how we can approach and work with money as a collective.

At various times throughout the call we referenced the philosophy of Charles Eisenstein. His article: "How a game of musical chairs can help explain our broken economy" explores a greater systemic shift in our economic model, and pairs well with the ideas shared on this recording.

We spoke about why it is important to shift our individual attitudes and habits, as well as to create communal examples of interacting with money in ways that liberate us from the current economic game and help us create a new one. We expressed a shared belief that working in these individual and communitarian ways can have an impact on each of us, those around us, and our general societal models.

In order to move into anything tangible for GrowingVillage, I believe that operating from within a trust-based economy is essential - and it is becoming more clear that this is what we are doing.

Michelle Stransky