Acquiring Land :: Patience vs Action

On this recording, one of our village members asks whether it feels aligned with an emergent, communitarian process to buy land and invite people in. Or, what about joining an established community vs. starting a new one?

This 6-minute audio clip highlights parts of our exploration into these questions, including long-term visions and shorter term possibilities of being in village.

For the less audio inclined or able, here are some quotes from the call that were woven together:

"In my most hopeful, we're to create something that hasn’t been born before. That uniquely through us, something wants to be birthed - related to community and Earth.

I'm in this for the long haul - that's my commitment to the emergent process, to starting something from the roots. This is my retirement plan. This is the way I want to die - on land, in village, with community. In some ways, it can take a long time. In some ways, when the field is set right and there is a strong foundation, things can happen quickly.

Trusting the flow and unfolding of life. Things like this can't be rushed. It takes an enormous amount of patience. It feels right to go at the pace of what is happening. And it's slower. Both an expectation and a resistance to it happening quickly or taking long - those feel like when I'm not listening. When I'm listening, sometimes things happen fast and the synchronicities are amazing.

What is emergent is what rises in the moment. If that is an impulse that feels really alive and ripe, then that is emergent. I don't think being in an emergent space means that nothing happens.

What wants to happen next? What is a transition? Getting a big house for a year, or events that happen for a weekend or week – temporary versions of village...stepping stones."

Michelle Stransky